My Work

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Feeling Green

Experimental 3D 360 Music Video featuring the song “Feeling Green” by CUTE ERROR. Includes the artistic talent of Kay Holland who drew the lyrics. Won the 2021 University of Kansas Film and Media Studies Department Tensie awards for best Animation and best Interactive Project

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Things Unsaid

Experimental Video Game made as a team of 4 for a class project, only the code and UI is mine. Made in Unity with C#.

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A VR experience focused on sensory sensitivities and Visual Snow Syndrome, an experience most oft attributed to ADHD, ASD and related neurological differences. Capstone project, in production.

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Experimental 360 Video featuring me as myself. This video revolves around my journey to find myself and moving past the ideals of the cis & heterocentric patriarchal society and accompanying gender norms.

NSFW: artistic nudity