Career Goals

For this week’s Outreachy blog post, I’ll be talking about my personal career goals, so it’ll be less GNOME/Librsvg-focused than my recent posts.

I’m looking for work!

The end of my Outreachy internship is fast approaching, and so after August 24th I’ll be available to work either full or part time. I’m currently based in Kansas, US, and I’m open to remote positions based anywhere in the world, along with relocation within the US or internationally.

Who am I?

With that bit out of the way, who am I? What experiences do I have? Do I have to write rhetorical questions? I don’t but it’s fun. To begin, I’ve been a Outreachy intern working with the GNOME Foundation on Librsvg for this cohort, and at the end of it I’ll have 3 months of Rust programming and remote work experience.

What experiences do I have?

In the realm of programming and along with Rust, I have experience using C# to write a video game in university (see things unsaid), and over the years I’ve used Java, Python, Lua, and PHP.

Aside from the aforementioned programming and remote experience, I also have the experience of using Linux for 9 years as my daily driver for desktop systems and 2 years for my personal server (including the blog you’re reading this on).

Tech has been a constant part of my life, I took a liking to it early on, so I have been the one others called for help for years, both in my jobs and at home. In this, I have learned to listen closely to others, to figure out what issues they’re having then come up with a solution that fits their needs, whether that’s picking laptops for a 1:1 initiative in high school, or troubleshooting multiple projector systems in theatres. I get excited when I get a new challenge, it’s a chance for me to delve into a topic or new technology I may only know a little bit, then use that knowledge to then help someone. What this means then is that I’ve spent the past few years getting better at learning new things quickly, then distilling that information down to pass on to others.

What about school?

I graduated with a bachelors degree in film and media studies, a minor in Japanese language (I can understand to about JLPT N3 or intermediate level), and a global awareness certificate. I earned several departmental awards during my time in university, two for my 360 animated project Feeling Green (see, one for my service to the department, and another for my potential in VFX.

During university I studied abroad, worked in several research positions, a theatre, as an intern for the local Women in Film and TV group, and finally as part of the staff for the film department itself. These jobs were all technical in some way, I had to research VR and computational linguistics in my research positions, learn the wide array of film equipment and its setup and usage in my film department job, and I had to learn how to use a lighting board and its programming language at the theatre. I sought out technical jobs to do, where I would be challenged and be pushed to learn new things while having fun using interesting pieces of technology, and Outreachy is where I ended up.


If you don’t know, Outreachy is an internship program which helps get underrepresented people into open source technology, so why am I a part of it? Well, I’m LGBT, and I’m neurodivergent, I understand the world from a fundamentally different place than the majority cis straight white man and I want to bring my unique perspective to a team and project. As an example, I literally see differently since I have Visual Snow Syndrome, which means that the visual style of a webpage or application (like repeating high contrast areas, like stripes, which produces a strong visual vibrating effect) can render it nearly unusable depending on how intense the effect is, a consideration for UX design that doesn’t matter for most, but can make some things inaccessible for me.

What job am I looking for?

Right now, I’m looking for a job where I can contribute to and drive forward a really cool project while honing my Rust skills and learning new ones. I am interested in systems programming, similar to what I’ve gotten a taste of working with Librsvg, so I would love to start there. I’m not limited though, as many, many other things are interesting to me too, like servers, system administration, art tools development, VR / video games programming, and so much more.

Thank you!

If you would like to get in touch, send me an email:
Or DM me on Twitter @madds_io