Age of Aether & Game Designs

Games on Paper

2020 onward

Growing up in a rural Kansas town, there weren't any opportunities for me to learn programming skills in a class setting, but even so I got my start at age 13 when I taught myself how to make my own mods with games like Minecraft and Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. It's one of my biggest life goals to lend a hand in making these kind of games, that inspire young creators and storytellers to hone their skills like I did.

For example, this design document lays the groundwork for Age of Aether, a Dungeons and Dragons-esque multiplayer experience that aims to recapture player interactivity and impact the same way tabletop RPGs do. It's envisioned as a long-term VR-centric online multiplayer adventure sandbox, a la Ready Player One, utilizing player input and AI to rapidly generate new game content for a truly 'living' game world. This version you see here was submitted for a game design class to satisfy assignment requisites, of which the token matrices were one.

The pdf for it may be downloaded directly here.

Below are some other excerpts of game design projects I did in university.