Outreachy - Librsvg



Outreachy is a computer science and programming internship ran by the Software Freedom Conservancy aiming to bring underrepresented people into the tech industry by connecting them with open-source projects through paid work opportunities. For my internship, I worked with the GNOME Foundation on Librsvg, a rendering library utilized widely by organizations like Wikipedia, ImageMagick, and others.

What did I do?

My assignment was to add new SVG 2 features into the Librsvg library. This included looking through the SVG spec to figure out what to add, how to organize it, and even debug longstanding issues in the code as I implemented my own. What's more, there was also an impromptu look into the Rust borrow-checker prompted by a Clippy update ('gotta love Clippy!).

Over the course of my internship I completed 11 merge requests consisting of new render features and fixes to security oversights. Most of my blog posts at this link have to do with my time as an Outreachy intern, so you can look there for more in-depth ramblings.

In addition to all that, I implemented a Docker script system for people to run our Rust tests on their own system using the same OpenSUSE base that's used on our CI. The code is live here and to-date is the most complete shell script I've written, and also has a cool source code diagram.


I presented at GUADEC 2021 as part of their intern lightning talks, the PDF presentation for which is viewable here.

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